Current members

The list of active and signed consortium members can be found here. New members may join and previous ones leave. Active members can have access to the copy of the anonymized data for research purposes according to the consortium principles.

The list of current epilepsy consortium members:

Hannes Lohi, prof University of Helsinki,
Tiina Heinonen, PhD studentLohiUniversity of Helsinki,
Emma Hakanen, PhD studentLohiUniversity of Helsinki,
Marjo Hytönen, Adj. prof.LohiUniversity of Helsinki,
Tarja Pääkkönen, Ass. prof. University of Helsinki,
Andrea Fischer, DVM, prof. LMU,
Dr. Franziska Wielaender, DVMTierklinik
Dr. Sally Ricketts, Senior Research AssociateKCGCUniversity of Cambridge,
Luisa De Risio, DVM Linnaeus,
Andrea Tipold, DVM, prof. Univ of Hannover,
Paul Mandigers, DVM Univ of Utrecht,
Fiona James, DVM, Ass. prof. Univ of Guelph, Ontario,
Frank Steffen, DVM Univ of Zurich,
Holger Volk, Prof Univ of Hannover,
Dr. Jasmin Nessler, DVMUniv of Hannover,
Thomas Parmentier, ProfUniversité de Montréal,